Most people know they need to workout, but the real secret to success in reaching desired fitness goals is knowing what to do and how to que es la tecnologia de la informacion properly perform the exercises for maximum benefits.  Our personal trainers provide the leadership that ensures you will obtain your fitness goals. 

Beginning with your fitness assessment, our personal trainers will gain an understanding of your current fitness levels and what you want to achieve.  Whether you want to slim down, bulk up or simply improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, Health Club at Travis Place offers the instruction, equipment and programs that will get you there.

Our personal trainers can design a customized plan to match your current fitness level while propelling you towards your ultimate fitness goal.  If you are ready to take aim at a healthier, happier you, let one of our nationally certified Personal Trainers assist you. 


- Certified Personal Trainer | Group Fitness

  - Certified Personal Trainer

  - Certified Personal Trainer

  - Certified Personal Trainer | Group Fitness

- Certified Personal Trainer


There are many options when it comes to personal training, select the one that best fits your fitness goals and lifestyle:

  • One-On-One Personal Training: Train with a trainer one-on-one.  Receive exclusive one-on-one attention from a personal trainer.

  • Semi-Private Personal Training:  Train with a friend or co-worker with a personal trainer.  This option allows you to share the cost of a trainer and still receive the benefits of motivation, friendly competition and the attention of a trainer.

  • Small Group Personal Training:  Train with a trainer with three or more people.  This type of training is great for friendly competition, highly motivated workouts with the watchful eye of a personal trainer, at a reduced rate.

You don't have to spend all day in the club to obtain results.  Our training sessions range from as little as 15 minutes per session up to one hour.  Your time is valuable and we understand that, so our trainers are ready to lead you to your fitness goals by designing the right program that fits your needs, wants and your lifestyle. 


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