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Online Member Services:  You may view your membership account online through our Member Services feature. After you log in with your personal log in and password, you will be able to view your account, make payments, update your personal profile as well as make payments.  Click Here for Online Member Service. Contact us for assistance in accessing your account.

Club Policies and Procedures:  The club has established policies to ensure a safe and fun environment.  These club policies are found on the back of your membership agreement.  We also have a detailed document that gives further explanation of our policies. Please Click Here for Club Policies.  Note that policies are subject to change and are at the discretion of the club. 

Change of Membership Status:  Membership may be cancelled or placed on inactive status with a 30 day notification.  Forms can be obtained at the club or here online.
Click Here for Cancellation Form    Click Here for Inactivation Form

 IHRSA Passport Program:  Being a member of Health Club at Travis Place allows you to participate in IHRSA's Passport Program, which gives members of participating clubs access to a worldwide network of health clubs when traveling. What's more - guest fees are discounted by at least 50% for a minimum of one visit. Click here to learn how it works.   Obtain your IHRSA Passport Guest Pass Here or at your home club.


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Monday - Thursday 5am - 7pm
Friday 5am - 5pm
Weekends - Closed Phone 281.962.4066

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